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With Colour as a Force Field

Söderhamns-kuriren Tuesday March 8, 2011

Gallery Adular, Söderhamn
Annelie Sjödin Hallgren
March 2011


For the first time Annelie Sjödin Hallgren, Täby, has her own exhibition at Söderhamn, her home town.

Annelie Sjödin Hallgren, born in 1962 at Söderhamn, Sweden, was quite young when she attended an art class led by artist Elina Mytnik. After secondary school she took several other classes with an aesthetic aim before attending the Beckman School of Design in Stockholm 1986 -89.

But it was painting rather than design or illustration that was her vocation and after some years abroad in Sheffield, England and New Jersey, USA, water-colour technique became her all-absorbing interest.

For several years she has had her own studio at Täby, near Stockholm. In this area she has had one-man shows and taken part in several group exhibitions

Now that she is exhibiting at Gallery Adular in Söderhamn, it is the first time that she has an exhibition in the town where she grew up.

All of the 22 pictures that Annelie Sjödin Hallgren now exhibits at the little gallery are what you would call abstract. These water-colour monotypes are all the result of a process where water-colour pigments have been mixed or contrasted with Indian ink, acrylic white and, in some cases, gold-foil.

The metal areas produce a very special effect with their reflecting impervious surface against the transparent water-colour.

Her endeavour to create motives that convey a three-dimensional impression succeed in most cases. By combining the water-colour with the impermeability of the acrylic paint, or by scraping and carving in the thick water-colour paper, she creates surfaces which are alive and speak as well as appeal to me as observer.

In some of the paintings the thin water-colour skin forms itself into wrinkled, pulsating areas, and a water-filled blob of colour flows off on an excursion of its own that turns into thin bone-like lines.

It is exciting to be drawn into her work where the paint like an elemental force leads its own life and, at the same time, allows itself to be worked upon and subdued.

Original Swedish text by Christina Hedquist, translated into English by Anne Marie Blomberg