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A Flair for Abstract Painting

Täby Danderyds Tidning Thursday December 4, 2008

Annelie Sjödin Hallgren likes to experiment madly with colour, form and technique when creating her pictures. In her opinion those who do not bother to take in abstract paintings lose a lot. Now she is exhibiting at Gallery Elverket together with Elisabeth Andrén.

"I like experimenting. It really gets me going" says Annelie Sjödin Hallgren. In her commodious studio at Arninge, Täby she mixes different techniques madly. She carves in the paper and paints in different layers to get new thrilling effects. Water-colour is her basic technique but she also uses acrylic, Indian ink, graphite and gold-foil. "I don´t use gold in all my pictures, but in some of them, as a quiet element of surprise. When you study the picture you will suddenly see something flashing. " Annelie says that she has always been interested in colour, pattern and drawing. She has had instruction in fashion drawing, design and cutting-out.

By and by she has shifted to painting increasingly abstract art, which she describes as an act of liberation.

"Abstract pictures are much more fun than realistic ones. If you see a beautiful picture with a sunflower, you think like: well, a beautiful picture with a sunflower. With abstract art you get another kind of communication – you start to reflect on what it is you see, and what the artist may have seen. Both colour and form provide different alternatives for interpretation" says Annelie.

She will not criticize realistic painting, she has done a lot of that herself. But to her abstract art has opened a great many doors and she regards it as an enormous opportunity for development and freedom.

"It is a means of finding your own way of expression, to test something new. I may sometimes work only with colour, trying different combinations or, on other occasions, focus on form."

Those who sniff at abstract art saying "what kind of daub is that?"are in Annelie´s opinion missing a lot.

"Not to allow oneself time to take in the abstract pictures! Working with your imagination will really do you good, for you have got such a lot inside. It reflects your feelings as well as your state of mind."

Annelie has worked as drawer and illustrator. Right now she is experimenting with abstract drawing. So far she is not quite satisfied with the result.

"But I go on with the job" says she with a smile.

From original Swedish text by Camilla Grönbladh, translated into English by Anne Marie Blomberg